"I lived many a year as a dead woman walking until I met the Creator who makes all things beautiful in His time. When I learned of His love and allowed Him to take me in, everything changed. He told me of His everlasting love. He drew me with loving kindness and made me aware of how wonderful we are in His eyes."

– Gale Alvarez

GA Pastor Gale Alvarez author speaker founder


Thankfully, I am far from perfect. I still go through hard times, but now He is the difference. I know where to run to, how to get there, and most importantly, who to run to. His love never runs out. He makes us new all over again so that we can live life as a brand-new creation made in His glorious Image.

– Gale Alvarez

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Gale Alvarez is the Co-Founder and Co-Pastor of the Love of Jesus Family Church in Orange, New Jersey. The ministry formally began after Gale and her husband, Jason Alvarez, travelled extensively with Evangelist R. W. Shamback, Nicky Cruz, and other vibrant ministries.

With her eye on restoration, Gale also founded the Women of Purpose ministry and the Teens of Purpose ministry, T.O.P., at the Love of Jesus Family Church. Through a lens of piercing disappointments and personal loses, Gale brings a sweet yet profound compassion to those who need a healing touch.

"Our life source comes from an eternal God who possesses an inexhaustible, unchanging supply of love that lifts us, changes us, heals us, and makes us new."

– Gale Alvarez


Rev. Pat Higgins

Pastor, Restoration Family Church

If you sit more than two minutes with Gale, you will hear the heartbeat of God.

Dr. Gerald G. Loyd

Fountain of Life International Fellowship

The healing ointment that comes from Gale’s special journey is a sweet savor to God.

Barbara Glanton

Pastor, The Love of Jesus Family Church, Newark, N.J.

There has never been a time when Pastor Gale hasn’t spoken directly to my heart. We are thankful for her compassion, commitment, and dedication to the people of God.

Valerie J. Fullilove​

Writer & Producer, Trinity Park Productions

Pastor Gale is a woman of strong faith with an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful for God’s love and what He has done in her life has enabled her to tap into the pulse of others’ needs and concerns.

Bettye Blackston

Women of Purpose Ministry

Pastor Gale is a visionary with integrity and sterling character. From her gentle elegance but firm, confident voice flow volumes of wisdom. She is a pace setter, contemporary enough to grasp the issues of today, yet traditional enough, by priority, to maintain principles and values of excellence.

Cassiaus Farrell

Pastor & Founder, The Love of Jesus Family Church Patterson, N.J.

Pastor Gale Alvarez has brilliantly described, in such captivating and inspiring depictions, the proper and wise decisions that should be made in many common but often trying situations. This is such a wise and thought-provoking book from a woman who puts her actions where her intentions are—just amazing.

Ministries Founded by Pastor Gale

At the Love of Jesus Family Church

At the Love of Jesus
Family Church

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Women of Purpose

Woman of Purpose was birthed by Pastor Gale Alvarez to be a lighthouse for woman to understand their who, what, where, why and how.  We are here for such a time as this and understanding what our ‘this’ is changes us.  We are loved, we are valued, we are important, and we are His.

Gale Alvarez is with Barbara Glanton, Pastor, The Love of Jesus Family Chruch, Newark, N.J.

Teens of Purpose

Teens of Purpose, founded by Pastor Gale Alvarez; a ministry that seeks to enable girls, ages 13-17, to discover, nurture, and protect the unique identity and gifts that only they carry by providing a safe space for each girl to be her authentic self.

Gale Alvarez is with Tiana Woods (Left) & Tekeyah Sears (Right), Co-Leaders T.O.P

Gale Alvarez Teens of Purpose HeartBeats