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The Rhythm of Love

"This is a book of my HeartBeats. Each day as I wrote what was on my heart, I could sense the beat of my own heart praying for the hearts of others who believed their hearts could or would never beat again. As I sensed the impossible situations my friends were facing, I was driven to share the unlimited possibilities of a loving, merciful God, and hence HeartBeats was born." — Gale Alvarez

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"I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the positive energy in this book. I read it once and I know I'll be reading it again and again every time I need some positive energy!"

"Wonderful! I loved Gale Alvarez's book! You will feel such great, inner peace knowing that God, in His infinite love and mercy, is with you every step of the way in this personal journey called life. What a blessing!"

"What an inspirational book….The beautiful words on these pages will resonate with everyone in every walk of life. Will be purchasing more to gift to my loved ones."

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For Such a Time as This

"Your story is not over, and you can be made whole. Do not allow anyone or anything to keep you living in yesterday when God can rewrite your story if you allow Him to do so. Mercy rewrote my life and I am forever changed by His Love."
— Gale Alvarez

"A must read! There is so much love in this beautifully written book. You will be transported to a place of inner peace and feel great comfort. You will feel God's infinite love and mercy. This book will touch you in so many positive ways and leave a lasting "impression" on you. You will not want to put it down!"

A Gift From God

An inspiring encouragement from Pastor Gale Alvarez taken from a Facebook Live Presentation during the heat of the Covid Pandemic.

“There is no place I go that I am not influenced by God’s love. We need to see His light on the inside of us and know we have worth to be here.”
— Gale Alvarez


Thrive With God

"I believe God doesn't want us to just survive. He wants us to blossom and bloom abundantly. He wants us to continue to grow, grow, and grow some more."
— Gale Alvarez

What Gale's Fans Are Saying...

"I needed to hear this word."

"It builds, it beautifies, it buffs -- wonderful!"

"Your words are always a blessing."

"I will follow your admonition and not give up!"

"Gale, you are a wise soul."

"Your voice is a voice of kindness."

Trust Changes Everything

Trust Changes Everything is a book written to help us learn to put our trust in a trustworthy, merciful God, and then allow our trust in Him to change everything.

"YOU CAN TRUST AGAIN!" -Gale Alvarez

  • “Trust His Timing.”
  • “Trust God Even When The Answer Is, ‘No.’”
  • “Trust God And Leave The Consequences To Him.”
  • “Faith Without Trust Is Lifeless."