"Forever Changed By His Love."

Gale Alvarez

Meet Pastor Gale Alvarez

"I know the way I shall go because He directs me with His love."

On August 26, 1977, I walked down the aisle at Nutley Assembly of God and knelt at the altar to receive Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. On that day, as I walked the seemingly long aisle all by myself, my insides were leaping, exhilarated with new hope, with a new vitality I have not known before those moments. Something in me came alive, like a distant, almost lost desire suddenly became fulfilled.  It was an awakening, a breaking, a shattering of old delusions, and an entrance into a new life, a living hope, a glimpse of eternity in the moment. Today I rejoice in the gift of salvation and the adventure of living life with Him from the inside out.

Books & Resources

Pastor Gale’s books are available for purchase in our store.

Heartbeats:  The Rhythm of Love

“When His Love takes you in, Everything Changes.”

Impressions:  For Such a Time as This

“When you give Him the impossible, He will bring you the possible.”

Worth: A Gift From God

“There is no place I go that I am not touched by God’s love.”

"God says 'YES' to your fulfillment, 'YES' to your joy, and 'YES' to who you are in Him."


Bettye Blackston

Director, Women of Purpose Ministry

Pastor Gale is a visionary with integrity and sterling character. From her gentle elegance but firm, confident voice flow volumes of wisdom. She is a pace setter, contemporary enough to grasp the issues of today, yet traditional enough, by priority, to maintain principles and values of excellence.

Cassiaus Farrell

Pastor & Founder, The Love of Jesus Family Church Patterson

Pastor Gale Alvarez has brilliantly described, in such captivating and inspiring depictions, the proper and wise decisions that should be made in many common but often trying situations. This is such a wise and thought-provoking book from a woman who puts her actions where her intentions are—just amazing.

Valerie J. Fullilove

Writer & Producer, Trinity Park Productions

Gale Alvarez brings inspirational words to life with truth, honesty, and passion. She pours out of her very being and her life experience to engage people where they live. It’s so true that people most remember how you make them feel. Gale Alvarez’s devotional, HeartBeats makes readers come away feeling validated, inspired, and hopeful for a better future and a life worth living.

Barry E. Taylor

Founder, Liberty Ministries Inc.

Gale Alvarez’s passionate reflections from HeartBeats are truly pearls of great price. Gale’s approach is so refreshing one cannot read a line fast enough to get to the next line. It is evident that Gale has taken the circumstances that life has served her as opportunities to find God and ever press into a greater love and knowledge of the Most High!

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